Paint Mare Makeover – 29 Days

Paint Horse Makeover Before

This 3 yo APHA mare is the only one my partner has ever expressed regret for selling. To this day she cites this as the one horse she wishes she would have kept. This little girl came to us very thin but very quickly put weight on. Once again, we do feed some commercially available grains as well as beet pulp, rice bran, and bran mash. We also deworm the day the horses come in. Sara needed and got everything. She was not broke when we got her, thin and sick. Good nutrition, good care, grooming, training and she transformed into a beautiful horse whom we delivered straight to a training barn. We sometimes body clip so you can “see” the horse, it made a big difference on her as did pulling her mane.

Day 0

Paint Horse Makeover Before

Paint Horse Makeover Before

Day 4

Paint Mare Makeover Day 4

Day 17Day 29

Paint Horse Makeover Day 29 After

Paint Horse Makeover Day 29 After


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