Appendix Quarter Horses: 9 Facts You May Not Realize Are True

When most people think of Quarter Horses they usually aren’t thinking about whether or not the horse is mostly Thoroughbred

What is an appendix quarter horse?

When a registered Quarter Horse is crossed with a registered Thoroughbred horse, the resulting foal is considered an Appendix Quarter Horse.

Let’s take a look at some fun facts.

1. Appendix Horses Have Been Around Since 1949

According to the AQHA, the first Appendix horses were registered in 1949 when the American Quarter Racing and National Quarter Horse Breeders associations merged. All of the horses were registered as Appendix and then horses were inspected for permanent numbers.

2. Appendix Horses Are Very Versatile

One of the hallmark categories of appendix quarter horses is their versatility. With the proper training they can excel in any discipline.

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