Plans For Building A Horse Bridge

Building a horse bridge obstacle will help the horses at your barn become more confident about crossing new things.

A horse bridge is great for teaching confidence. Some horses LOVE the bridge (my BLM mustang will do it all by himself)…others only cross it if they must. Each horse is different but this is a great obstacle none the less!

Materials Needed to Build Horse Bridge

– 2 – 4×4×10 posts – ~16 – 2×4′s (can’t remember which) (stud length) – Box of nails or screws – Hammer or cordless drill. – Hand saw or circular saw

Materials Consideration

If you are making the bridge 4′ wide you can cut a 2x4x8 in half to get 2 4′ pieces, or you could get a 2x4x12 and cut it into thirds. At 4′ width you probably want a third 4’x4′ going down the middle of the bridge for stability.

1. Lay out your four x four’s. Tack one 2 x 4 to each end forming a box. 2. Cut remaining 2×4′s to size. 3. Hand place and then nail / screw boards one at a time securing to the 4×4′s.


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