130+ Palomino Horse Names

Glittering gold coat, snow-white mane and tail…what else could a girl ask for! Probably made most popular by Mr. Roy Rogers, palomino horses are very popular in the equestrian community. OK, so we all know a good horse is never a bad color but if you can get a good one AND it’s palomino, well isn’t that the icing on the cake! So when you get your DREAM horse, that shimmering golden palomino, what do you call him or her? We’ve come up with some palomino horse names we think you will like!

Palomino Horse Names for Mares

Common Names / Nicknames for Palomino Mares – Aurora – Barbie – Blondie – Brienne

– Butter – Buttercream – Buttercup – Butterscotch – Cersei – Custard

– Daffodil (Daffy) – Daenerys – Dolly – Dusty – Flame – Goldie – Goldie Locks

– Honey – Malibu – Marigold – Paloma – Peaches – Penny (like a shiny copper penny)