Quarter Horse Bloodlines To Avoid

Many people will tell you to steer clear of certain American Quarter Horse bloodlines, but do you know exactly why?

Several previously popular Quarter Horse bloodlines have now been linked to potentially fatal genetic diseases, as well as to some behavioral issues.

Here are some of the list of Quarter Horse Bloodlines To Avoid

Poco Bueno and HERDA

One Quarter Horse bloodline you should definitely avoid traces to the stallion Poco Bueno. This popular sire in the 1950s has been scientifically linked to a fatal skin disease called HERDA, of hereditary equine regional dermal asthenia.

King and GBED

Another Quarter Horse bloodline that you may want to avoid is the King lineage. Although popular in the past, the King bloodline is now known to be linked to GBED, or glycogen-branching enzyme disorder. This fatal disease has afflicted Quarter Horse foals for many decades.

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