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Guide to Choosing a Name for Your Quarter Horse With 71 Ideas

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Choosing a name for your quarter horse doesn’t have to be difficult. There are, however, several factors you will want to take into consideration. A registered name for a horse can always be different than their “barn” name. The registered name, though, is what their show records and foals will reference.

White and brown horse on field of yellow flowers

Factors To Consider When Naming Your Quarter Horse


If your quarter horse is related to a famous horse, even several generations back, you can highlight that by using that horse’s name or a portion of it in your horse’s registered name.

Doc O’Lena was a famous stallion. A champion in the cutting arena who sired many champions. You can bet that if you see any quarter horses with the word “Lena” in their name, that somewhere they trace back to Doc O’Lena.

Even Doc O’Lena himself was named after his parents. His dad was Doc Bar and his mom was Poco Lena. When he was registered, his owners combined the two and that’s how Doc O’Lena got his name.


The color of your horse can also help you pick his or her registered name. The famous reining stallion, Hollywood Dun It, just so happens to be a buckskin dun (dunskin). His sire was Hollywood Jac 86 and his dam was Blossom Berry. Part of his name came from his sire’s name “Hollywood” and “Dun It” refers to his color.

Other terms are commonly used for other colors. A blue roan might have “Blue” somewhere in his name like the famous mare “Royal Blue Boon”. A palomino horse might have the word “Gold” included in his name like the Palomino AQHAor stallion “Gold Rush”.

Barn Name

When that cute little foal of yours is firstborn, before you send the registration papers in you may have started calling him or her by a nickname. Another thing you can do is include that nickname in the registered name. I had a friend whose foal was nicknamed “Lady” who was sired by Major Burnett and out of the mare, Generals Dynomite. That foal was registered as “Lady Always”.

Words Commonly Used in Quarter Horse Names Based on Pedigree


Quarter Horse Name Ideas

  • Angel River Bar
  • Avalanche Skipper
  • Badger Me Elsewhere
  • Badger the Lady
  • Bar Bandito
  • Barbie Butter Buck
  • Big Mama Bar
  • Bit o Badger
  • Bueno Ivory Jet
  • Butterscotch Buck
  • Carolina Chick
  • Carolina King
  • Chick Flick
  • Chick in the Bar
  • Chick of Dreams
  • Cobra Invitation
  • Coconut Badger
  • Coke Bueno
  • Daisy Doc
  • Dakota King
  • Doc Kentucky Moon
  • Docs Royal Rose
  • Ebony Smoke
  • Galaxy King
  • Galaxy Skipper
  • Glimmer Lena
  • Hot Badger
  • Johnny Hancock
  • King Cobra
  • King Khan
  • Lena Bit of Diesel
  • Lena My Way
  • Lil Chick
  • Lostma Cowboy
  • Lucky Badger
  • Marshmallow Skipper
  • Maximus Goodbar
  • Night King
  • Peace A Pie
  • Peppy Butter
  • Peppy Poppy
  • Peppy Punch
  • Pie Bueno
  • Poco Bit O’ Smoke
  • Poco Coco
  • Poco Moro Oreo
  • Rainbow Skipper
  • Rose Badger
  • Rose Bar
  • Rose Hancock
  • Scarlet Invitation
  • Shad O’Lena
  • Skipper Barbie
  • Skipper John
  • Skipper Stormcloud
  • Smart Angel
  • Smart as Te
  • Smart Glimmer Doc
  • Smart Little Badger
  • Smokin Jet
  • Smokin Sunflower
  • Snow King
  • Sundance Invitation
  • Te Me To Your Leader
  • Te Smokin Goodbar
  • Te Totally Butterscotch
  • Tennessee Bar
  • Tennessee Glitter
  • Willow Goodbar
  • Yellow Chick
  • Zero Buck

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