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Nurse Mare Foals – Why Foals Are Taken From Their Moms

Nurse mare foals are a by-product of the horse breeding industry, where valuable foals may need a surrogate mother. Those mares are developed for the job by foaling the ‘nurse mare foal’, which then needs to be fed and raised by hand. Every year, hundreds of these foals need to be adopted by knowledgeable homes.

Does A Horse Need Grain?

There are several factors that determine if a horse needs grain, such as workload, age. breed, even the time of year. While some horses will need grain to meet their dietary needs, many horses with high quality pasture won’t need grain at all.

Can Horses Eat Watermelon?

Watermelon is tasty fruit that can be safely fed as a treat to most horses in limited quantities. However some horses, because of dietary issues or dental problems, may not be able to eat watermelon, but for most horses it is a safe, nutritious and tasty treat!