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Are Arabian Horses Good for Beginners?

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As someone looking to learn how to ride horses for the first time, you may be wondering which is the best horse breed for beginners. One of the most predominant and purest horse breeds is the Arabian horse, but are they good for beginners?

Arabians are good for beginners, as they have a calm and kind temperament. They are safe around children and excellent for someone training in horse riding. While Arabian horses aren’t the most gentle breed, they are simpler to control due to their short stature and high intelligence.

Read on to find out more about Arabian horses and what traits make them good for beginners.

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Arabian Horse History

It’s believed that Arabian horses originated from the Arabian peninsula, with most being traced back to the desert sands. The breed was considered hardy, which is why it could survive the harsh terrain and desert climate.

Arabian horses were used for war mounts, transportation, and hauling loads.

Over time, Arabian horses later spread to Europe due to trade and war. These horses arrived in the U.S. in the 1700s and thrived. By 1908, the Arabian Horse Registry of America was founded.

Reasons Why Arabian Horses Are Good for Beginners

Some of the traits that make Arabian horses beginner-friendly include:


In the olden days, the Bedouin Arabs used male Arabian horses for mating, while the mares were used for war, hunting, and riding.

Most of the horses present today are from five famous Arabian mares: Obajan, Hamdani, Habdan, El Adjus, and Siglavy. All these lines have unique traits and characters, which makes Arabian horses a pure breed.

For example, the Kehilan strain was known for its masculine size and power. It measured 15 hands and was chestnut and gray.

Most people prefer getting a castrated adult male, known as a gelding, as they are calm and make a great beginner horse.

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Unique Appearance

Arabian horses are known for their distinctive appearance, which makes them different from other horse breeds. The Arabian has an arched neck, sculpted head with large eyes, and a small muzzle.

This horse breed is available in gray, chestnut, black, and bay. That gives beginner riders options to choose from.

Rich Personality

Arabian horses have a resilient personality due to their origin. They were kept as a prized possession in the Middle Eastern deserts. That created a major bond between humans and these horses.

Although they have a buoyant personality, Arabian horses are friendly and have a calm disposition. Their personality depends on the way they are treated.

Arabians are gentle near children, reflecting their temperament. Modern Arabian horses are composed and comfortable around kids; they tend to react well to children.

Another fantastic trait with this horse breed is that not much can spook it. That’s why horse dealers refer to them as “bombproof.”

Easy to Ride

The Arabian horse breed also tends to have a smooth gait, which makes for an enjoyable ride for beginner riders. You’ll feel confident and at ease with a reduced bounce in the saddle.

Resilient Attitude

Arabian horses are hardy and can ride on any terrain. They are resilient and willing to work for long hours in exchange for a treat.

Their endurance makes them ideal for beginners looking to explore rough terrain because you know the horse won’t get tired.

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Arabian horses listen to commands and are obedient. That makes them ideal for beginners looking for a horse that can adjust and respond to one’s needs.

These horses are also easier to train, a trait that comes in handy for new riders.

Sensitive Nature

Arabian horses have a sensitive nature and can quickly pick up feelings. That makes it easy to develop a bond with the horse.

Arabians make an excellent therapy animal for individuals as part of mental, emotional, or developmental treatment. An Arabian horse is a great companion.


Arabian horses compete in many disciplines.

You can see Arabians used in horse racing, reining, driving, jumping, trail riding, endurance, and more.  Some people use Arabian horses for therapy and in lesson programs. These horses also work for riders looking for a quiet ride down a trail.


Since ancient times, Arabians have been considered a loyal breed. As a beginner, you’ll find this horse to be kind and easy to partner with.

Part of an Extensive Community

There is an organization, a club, or a community of Arabian horse fans and owners in every state.  Members hang out or hold competitions, which means you won’t be alone.

That also means that it is easier to find Arabian horse instructors and trainers if you are a beginner rider.

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Easy to Maintain

Unlike some breeds that require extra grooming, Arabian horses only need standard grooming to keep their skin and coat healthy.

Simply use a detangler to keep the mane smooth, and remember to brush often after exercise to distribute oils. Check for any injuries as you brush the horse and clean its hooves.

Long Lifespan

Arabian horses are famous for their long lifespan. Some have been known to live into their 40s. That’s because this horse breed tends to suffer from fewer ailments compared to other breeds. Their adaptation to hardy and tough environments also makes it easy for them to survive and live longer.

Is There Anything You Should Be Careful About When Getting an Arabian Horse?

Although Arabian horses are considered intelligent, their strong personality can be problematic at times. They can quickly pick up bad habits as fast as they learn good habits. Inconsistent handling can also make them challenging to control.

A younger Arabian horse can also get nervous when handled by an inexperienced person. That’s why you need to have an experienced person train the horse before you take over.

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Also worth noting is their attitude and temperament. Most of the time, an Arabian horse is calm and kind, but his mood can shift. Arabians may end up being stubborn and aggressive when mistreated or kept in bad conditions.

Sometimes a sick Arabian horse can also reflect a different temperament due to the discomfort. Pain can cause agitation and change in behavior. If you suspect that your horse is sick, it’s best to consult a veterinarian for a checkup.

Final Thoughts

Arabian horses are loyal, obedient, and loving. As a beginner, you’ll find them friendly and easy to train. Their short stature makes them easier to control.

However, in some cases, an Arabian horse may need someone experienced to train them, as they are highly intelligent and have strong personalities.

Most older Arabian crossbreeds enjoy human companionship and adapt well to different environments.