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81 Pegasus Names

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Horses are amazing animals. If you weren’t raised with them you may have come to idolize them through myths and legends. As a child, I was particularly fond of Pegasus. In fact, my childhood idol, Rainbow Brite, had a majestic white Pegasus named Starlite.

If you are looking for a name for your real horse, or a fictional one, that is perfectly suited for a Pegasus, we have you covered.

Just like with any horse name, names for a Pegasus change with the seasons, especially when movies like Wonder Woman bring them back into our lives to remind us of our childhood dreams.

When we think of Pegasus, we usually think of horses that are pure white or pure black though, if you use your imagination a Pegasus can be any color.

pegasus in a mythical orange colored forest

Whether the Pegasus of your dreams is male or female, white or black, real or not, these are some of the best Pegasus names. Which will you choose for your majestic horse?

Top 50 Pegasus Names

  1. Valkyrie
  2. Poseidon
  3. Achilles
  4. Aeolus
  5. Arcadia
  6. Ariella
  7. Aurora
  8. Calypso
  9. Phoenix
  10. Morganna
  11. Diana
  12. Andromeda
  13. Althea
  14. Cedric
  15. Cullen
  16. Aslan
  17. Sirius
  18. Merlin
  19. Astra
  20. Astro
  21. Argo
  22. Amara
  23. Cassius
  24. Daenerys
  25. Drogon
  26. Ember
  27. Onyx
  28. Oberon
  29. Magic
  30. Casimir
  31. Atlas
  32. Apollo
  33. Arther
  34. Oceanus
  35. Orpheus
  36. Romulus
  37. Zephyr
  38. Gawain
  39. Galahad
  40. Blizzard
  41. Ghost
  42. Nibus
  43. Polar
  44. Shimmer
  45. Tornado
  46. Angel
  47. Diamond
  48. Storm
  49. Silver
  50. Greyjoy
  51. Arwen
a beautiful artwork of a pegasus

Famous Pegasus Names

If you are looking more to name your horse after a Pegasus that already had a name, here are some options from movies, mythology and literature.

Pegasus – The original winged horse was named Pegasus.

Bellerophon – Bellerophon wasn’t a Pegasus but he was the son of Poseidon who rode him.

Starlite – The famous horse of rainbow brite.

Swiftwind – She’Ra’s horse, technically an Alicorn (winged unicorn)

On-X – The black robotic flying horse from Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer

My Little Ponies – Pegasus Ponies

My Little Ponies were popular in the 80’s and then again more recently. There are many types of ponies in this classic children’s cartoon, winged ponies are among them. Here are some of the most popular names for My Little Pony Pegasus ponies.

  1. Fluttershy
  2. Rainbow Dash
  3. Blossomforth
  4. Cloud Chaser
  5. Clear Skies
  6. Flitter
  7. Flutterholly
  8. Night Glider
  9. Open Skies
  10. Snowdash
  11. Sunshower
  12. Zephyr Breeze
  13. Soarin
  14. Blaze
  15. Fire Streak
  16. Sun Chaser
  17. Wind Waker
  18. Rolling Thunder
  19. Star Hunter
  20. Starburst
  21. Stormfeather
  22. Compass Star
  23. Endless Clouds
  24. Moonlight Zephyr
  25. Northern Lights