Stall Letter Tutorial

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Horse Stall Letter Tutorial Horse Stall Letter Tutorial

Have you ever seen custom stall signs and wanted to make one of your own? Because I run a horse adoption program, horses come and go and customized stall signs aren’t always feasible or practical. Instead, I created stall “letters” that I can reference on my training board. This is easy to do and just requires a minimum amount of supplies.

With horses coming in and out as part of a training program, being able to tell someone to be careful with the horse in stall A or check on the paint in stall D can be a big help. I customized these wooden letters to be functionally decorative!

Materials Used:

That’s it!! Each letter costs about $2.00 to make when I used a Michaels coupon for the letter. I had the other supplies on hand!


Step 1: Start by tracing you letter on the back side of scrap paper. If your paper needs to be oriented a certain way, be sure you place the letter correctly so you only have to cut once.horse_stall_sign_2horse_stall_sign_3

Step 2: Now that your letter has been traced, apply stain or paint your letter. The back side of your letter won’t show much but its still better than having it plain.horse_stall_sign_4

Step 3: Cut out the scrapbook paper and apply it to the wooden letter. I used a thin coating of ModPodge on the back of the scrapbook paper and then adhered it to the letter. I then used a credit card to smooth out any air bubbles. horse_stall_sign_5

Step 4: Once the paper is in place, use another coating of ModPodge over the top of the letter. Don’t worry, it will dry clear. horse_stall_sign_6horse_stall_sign_7

Step 5: Once the letter has dried thoroughly you can seal it with a coat or two of polycrylic or just hang it as is. That’s it!!


Check out this video tutorial for more information.


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