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Stall Letter Tutorial

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Horse Stall Letter Tutorial
Horse Stall Letter Tutorial

Have you ever seen custom stall signs and wanted to make one of your own? Because I run a horse adoption program, horses come and go and customized stall signs aren’t always feasible or practical. Instead, I created stall “letters” that I can reference on my training board. This is easy to do and just requires a minimum amount of supplies.

With horses coming in and out as part of a training program, being able to tell someone to be careful with the horse in stall A or check on the paint in stall D can be a big help. I customized these wooden letters to be functionally decorative!

Materials Used:

That’s it!! Each letter costs about $2.00 to make when I used a Michaels coupon for the letter. I had the other supplies on hand!



Step 1: Start by tracing you letter on the back side of scrap paper. If your paper needs to be oriented a certain way, be sure you place the letter correctly so you only have to cut once.


Step 2: Now that your letter has been traced, apply stain or paint your letter. The back side of your letter won’t show much but its still better than having it plain.


Step 3: Cut out the scrapbook paper and apply it to the wooden letter. I used a thin coating of ModPodge on the back of the scrapbook paper and then adhered it to the letter. I then used a credit card to smooth out any air bubbles. 


Step 4: Once the paper is in place, use another coating of ModPodge over the top of the letter. Don’t worry, it will dry clear. 

Step 5: Once the letter has dried thoroughly you can seal it with a coat or two of polycrylic or just hang it as is. That’s it!!


Check out this video tutorial for more information.


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