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7 Ways to Break in Cowboy Boots Quickly

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A good pair of cowboy boots will last a lifetime. If you ask your local cowboys, they’ll swear by their boots and say they’re the best shoes they’ve ever worn. However, breaking them in and getting them to that point isn’t always easy.

Cowboy boots can be tough at first. Plenty of people have gotten blisters from a new pair of boots they use for work or wear too frequently. If you want to break in your boots, you’ll need to work at wearing in the leather and making them mold to your feet.


Once they’re broken in, however, your cowboy boots will feel like the best tennis shoes money can buy, only they’re made from sturdier materials designed to take a beating on the ranch.

Here are some terrific tips for ways you can break cowboy boots in quickly without some of the blisters and pain in your feet.

Wearing Your Boots is the Best Way to Break Them In

Of course, wearing your boots is the best way to break them in quickly. If you wear them, the leather can bend and crease to make it easier for your feet to slide in and out. In addition, the leather becomes softer and almost acts as a cushion on your feet.

It’s strange to hear cowboys tell you how comfortable their boots are because they look so tough on the outside. But construction workers will tell you the same thing about their Red Wings or some other brand of their favorite work boots. At some point, the leather becomes so soft they feel like wearing slippers.

Now, you probably don’t want to wear your new cowboy boots on a jog or anytime else you’re doing a lot of strenuous work. That’s a highway to blisters and cramps. However, the more you wear them daily, the faster you’ll break them in.

Buy the Right Fit

Many people make the mistake of buying cowboy boots like any other shoe. However, cowboy boots are special and need a different fit to break in quickly.

For example, your heel should lift slightly as you walk around. You should also have plenty of room in your toes to wiggle your feet. If it’s too snug, you’ll likely get blisters. However, a loose boot will stretch as it breaks in and could end up being too big.

If you don’t know the perfect fit, ask a boot store expert to fit you to ensure you get the right size ready for wearing.

Cowboys boots on a shelf in a store, aligned

Wear Two Pairs of Socks

You can help loosen up your leather boots by wearing two pairs of socks at first. The fit should be tight when you double-up your socks, but it hastens the stretching process to make your boots broken in and more comfortable.

It will be annoying to wear two pairs of socks as you walk around, but you’ll find that the boots loosen up much faster and start to take their final form sooner.

When you’re not wearing double socks and walking around, you can fill a bag with water and shove it into your boots. The bag keeps constant pressure on the walls of your boots while you’re asleep or off the job at home.

Pick Up a Boot

Did you know there was a thing called a boot stretcher? Yep, you can buy a tool designed to get your boots comfy faster.

You put the stretcher inside your boot and twist the handle to stretch the leather. It’s a nice way of loosening up the boot with something other than your feet.

men's shoes and boots with a shoe tree and a brush

You can leave them in while you go out for work and come back to stretched boots that are easier to put on. These are great tools for boots that tend to return to their original shape when they get wet or you don’t wear them often enough.

Buy Some Conditioning Spray

People who buy boots can also purchase conditioning spray that makes the leather softer and more giving when you wear your boots. You can find the spray online, or it’s likely for sale wherever you buy your boots.

Spray them before you wear them and let the conditioning spray work on the leather for a while. Once you give it a few minutes, your boots should go on easier and feel better as you walk in them.

Wear Them Indoors at First

Wearing cowboy boots all day is a fast way to get your feet super sore. A lot of people regret wearing their new boots all day at work, even if they work in an office. The hard leather and the tight fit cause blisters and chafing.

cowboy hat and boots

We know you want to show your brand-new boots off to friends and colleagues, but you should hold on l the big reveal. Instead, wear your boots for short periods indoors as you walk around the house or take care of chores at home.

You’ll give your boots time to stretch out, and your feet will get used to your new shoes before you have to wear them all day.

Bend Your Boots by Hand

If you’re not keen to run out and buy some fancy conditioner or a boot stretcher, you can sit at home watching TV while you bend your boots with your hands.

It’s basic, but it works. Simply apply pressure and bend your boot where you think the creases will be. The bending simulates your steps’ crease as you wear your boots around town.

With enough time, your leather boot will soften and stretch to make wearing them more comfortable.


Some people wear the same pair of cowboy boots for life once their feet stop growing. In fact, if you buy a high-quality pair, you can wear them to the ground.

Just know that it can take some time to condition your boots and get them to the point where they’re as comfortable as everyone promises when you first buy them.