11 Black and White Horse Breeds with Photos

The black and white horse. It sounds like something so simple yet, it is pretty rare in most breeds. Black horses are hard enough to come by and, then, combining them with white, it is even more difficult.

Here are the list 11 of the most common breeds where you should be able to find the black and white horse of your dreams!

Gypsy Vanner

The breed standard for Friesian horses has been established to prefer all black horses with only a very small star permitted. Purebred, registered Frisian horses should not have socks, paint markings or strips of white on their face.

American Paint Horse

The American Paint Horse has earned it’s placed as one of few truly American breeds. This beautiful breed is composed of painted stock horses in almost every color.

The Appaloosa is a spotted breed made most famous for their association with Native Americans. Their numbers once dwindled as the US Government nearly wiped them out. A group of horsemen were able to band together and preserve the spotted horse..


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