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Over 1,600 Horse Names Based on Breed, Color & More!

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Choosing the perfect horse name is no easy task. Do you name your horse based on pedigree, color, breed or something else? Then, we must consider a barn name vs. a show name. The task of choosing the perfect name for your horse isn’t as easy as one might think.

Don’t worry though, I understand. I have personally named over 200 horses and burros. It’s hard to come up with names and it doesn’t get easier when you have more animals, especially if you don’t want to reuse your favorites.

Sometimes, I find names that are awesome but don’t fit the particular horse I am looking for. The good news, this blog is a great reason to compile lists of awesome horse names which you can now take advantage of!

Without further adieu, here are my best horse name lists!

Ultimate List of Horse Names

160+ Funny Horse Names

I'm starting with funny names first because, well, they are funny! Funny is always the right answer! Whether you are naming a horse, pony, mule or donkey, these names are designed to make you and your friends laugh every time they hear them. As you read through them I want you to picture in your mind the most pretentious show barn with the glittering gold stall plates that all have one of these names on them!

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150+ Horse Names for Fillies and Mares + Tips for Naming

For some equestrians, mares are too moody or opinionated. For the rest of us, they are absolutely amazing! I've compiled some of the best names I've either personally used for mares or come across on the web all in one post just for you. Whether you just had a new filly born or your mare just needs a name that fits her awesome personality, you are sure to find something awesome here!

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180+ Names for Black Horses

Did you finally get that all-black horse of your dreams? Black horses are beautiful but how do you find that perfect name? This post has over 180 name ideas for black horses. These include barn names and show names as well as names broken out by male vs. female. You are sure to find some great inspiration here!

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143 White Horse Names - Including Barn Names & Show Names

Do you have an all white horse? Maybe your horse is even a light cream or pearl color? Whatever the case may be, these names were hand selected to be perfect for a white horse. Keep in mind that these names can work for any horse or even be a pun. If you have a black horse, who says you can't name him "Casper" after all!

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130+ Palomino Horse Names

The palomino coat color occurs in so many different breeds but the color is the same across them. Ranging from a very light cream with white mane and tail to a dark, chocolate palomino, these name ideas are sure to help get you started on the path towards finding the perfect name for your equine companion.

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75 Excellent Names for Your Black & White Horse

Black and White horses can be so many different colors. We're talking dapple greys, paints, pintos, appaloosas, pintaloosas and even just solid black horses with big socks. The great thing about this set of name is that they were designed specifically for black and white horses.

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73 Awesome Champagne Horse Names

There are two ways to look at champagne horse names. This list was inspired by a champagne quarter horse stallion I once own. The great thing about champagne is that it is both an equine coat color as well as a somewhat "elegant" beverage consumed by people. So whether your horse is champagne in color or just elegant and refined like the drink, this list will give you some name inspiration!

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481 Awesome Show Names for Your Horse

No matter the breed or color of your horse, this list was designed specifically to help you find an amazing show name. We went all out here with over 481 awesome names for your horse that are perfect for showing! Of course, your horse may wind up with one name for the barn and one name for the show ring so it's a good thing you found this post!

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170+ Western Horse Names - for Mares and Geldings (Male and Female)

Are you looking for the perfect western horse name for your colt, stallion, mare or gelding? This list of contains awesome western horse names curated from famous gunslingers, outlaws, cowboys, and actors. There are barn names and show names for you to choose from!

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Guide to Choosing a Name for Your Quarter Horse With 71 Ideas

Quarter Horse names can be just plain weird. Did you ever wonder how stock horse people come up with names that sound ridiculous sometimes but are also kind of awesome? In this post I give you some ideas for how to choose the perfect Quarter Horse name and then we go into a list of samples. Even if you don't have a registered Quarter Horse, it's interesting to check out and the same naming principles can be applied to horses of any breed!

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195+ Awesome Donkey & Burro Names

Even if you don't own a donkey, burro or mule, do yourself a favor and check these out. Some of them are truly amusing. Having worked to personally find over 100 BLM burros adoptive homes, I had to get creative with name ideas. I took the best ideas I had, came up with some new ones and voila...the best set of donkey and burro names on the web!

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These names should give you a great starting point for finding the perfect horse name. I’m adding new lists regularly by color and breed so stay tuned and check back frequently! If you want to receive a once a week email with my most awesome horse posts for the week, sign up to the newsletter using the form below!

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