Buckskin Horse Color – Origin, Genetics, and Variations

The world of horses has many names, descriptions, and terms for just about everything there is to differ on a horse. One word you might hear pop up from time to time is “buckskin

What Exactly Is a Buckskin Horse?

A buckskin colored horse coat is a tannish, golden coat color, similar to that of tanned deerskin. The mane, tail and legs will be solid black. Eyes are typically brown but may be blue if other genes are present.

Buckskin Origins

According to Oklahoma State University, the earliest traces of buckskin horses can be found in Spain, in the Spanish Sorraia. Spanish horse enthusiasts were, in the Middle Ages, quite determined to breed a horse of a golden color.

Buckskin Coat Color Genetics

The buckskin makeup is all very scientific and all comes down to a single cream dilution gene.Since bay horses have: a brown coat, which mixes with the cream to create a tan color and a “black base coat” gene, the agouti gene, restricting that black coat to the tail, mane and leg points.

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