200+ Dutch Warmblood Names and KWPN Naming Rules


There are two types of names that most purebred horses have, a barn name and a registered name. Choosing a name for a Dutch Warmblood can be fun on both levels.

With any breed of horse, the barn name is typically something short and to the point, a name that is chosen to fit a horse’s personality or color in some way.

 The KWPM requires that registered dutch warmblood names adhere to the following rules: – Maximum of 20 letter positions – Start with a letter determined by the General Board based on the year of Birth – The name does not have a negative meaning such as being inappropriate or show a relationship with a person or group that might damage the reputation of the KWPN

Dutch Warmblood foals born in 2020 must have names that start with the letter P.  Here are some great ideas for your 2020 foals.

– Pacific – Page – Paint – Pair – Pass – Partner – Pearl – Patriotic – Pick – Phone – Perfect / Perfectly – Planned – Pleasant – Port – Pour

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