Tips for Feeding Your Horse Only Once Per Day

Can you feed your horse once a day?

Yes, you can feed your horse once a day as long as you make sure that the horses has enough feed. You will want to use a slow feeder or automatic feeder to ensure the feed lasts at least twelve hours if possible.

The more times per day you can feed your horse, the more natural it would be for him. Three times a day is better than two, four times is better than three.

Why You Should Use a Hay Net

Hay nets are awesome for slowing down the rate your horses consume their hay. Several different types of hay net are commonly sold. The size of the holes in the net determine how slowly the horse is able to consume the hay.

Teaching Your Horse to Use a Hay Net

Typically, you’ll want to start your horse with a larger opening to get them used to eating from one and then move them into one with a smaller opening once they get the hang of it. This hay net on Amazon is pretty economically priced and works great for teaching horses how to eat out of a hay net. Once your horse is doing well with that, I like this hay net for continued normal use.

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