101+ Medieval Horse Names (with meanings)

Few things seem as gallant as a knight in shining armor riding into battle atop his brave steed.

During the Middle Ages of Europe, a good horse could mean life or death. Knights relied heavily on their horses to keep them safe in the flurry of battle.

Here are some awesome Medieval horse names to consider!

Adeline -means "Noble" Amis -means "Friends" Baillet -means "Dancer" Bayard - means "Bay" Beleza -means "Beauty" Blanchart -means "White Brith means “Mottled” Comigo means “With Me”

Enfés means “Hell” Fauvel means “Tawny” Fillemeans “Daughter” Folatise means “Frisky” Forca means “Strength” Gaufrois means “Waffles” Girsart means “Grey” Gobaithmeans “Hope

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