Horse Color Guide: Mustang Horses in Almost Every Color

The American Mustang is such a beautiful horse. They roam the American West and, ever so often, the government gathers excess horses and offers them for adoption to the public.

Most of the mustangs you see are bay or brown but mustangs come in a wide variety of colors. In fact, they come in almost every color imaginable.

What color can mustang horses be?

Horse Coat Color Notation

One Copy of the Gene is Present = Heterozygous = One gene is capitalized, the other is lowercase i.e. Ee or Crcr. It can also be represented as n/Cr or n/Prl for the dilute and modifier genes.

Horse coat color genes come in pairs. For each color gene listed in this article, a horses genetic makeup is one of these three options:

Two Copies of the Gene are Present = Homozygous = Both genes capitalized i.e. EE or CrCr (first letter capitalized for notations with more than one letter).

Slashes or No Slashes

When writing out genes sometimes you will see notation with slashes and sometimes you will see it without. I.e. EE vs E/E or CrCr vs Cr/Cr. I have found no sources that state one is more accepted than the other. I prefer notation without the slash so that is what I tend to use throughout the article.

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