21 Palomino Horse Facts with Tons of Pictures!

''Palomino horses are quite literally the golden gods and goddesses of the horse world.''

Even if you don’t know a single other thing about Palominos, you know that the name is synonymous with a brilliant, golden coat.

Here are some things you may think you know that are common misconceptions.

Palomino is a Color Not a Breed

Yes, you probably have heard of Palominos referred to so separately that it would be only natural to assume that a Palomino is a specific breed, too. But not so! While distinct, a Palomino is classified and identified by coat color – a sort of “color breed”, if you will, but not a genetic breed.

The Palomino Horse Association Accepts All Palomino Horses

The only stipulations of coloring, aside from a golden coat (of varying accepted shades) is that a Palomino can only have white coloring on their faces or below their knees, in order to be registered as a true Palomino color breed.

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