Customized Horse Stall Sign

Using Scrapbook Paper

Have you been thinking about decorating your horses stall? Do you want a customized stall sign but need it on a budget? This tutorial is for you!

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Customized Stall Sign Tutorial:


Step 1:

Assemble supplies.Custom Horse Stall Sign | Supplies Needed

Step 2:

Apply a coat of paint to the face and edges of the sign blank and allow to dry. Sand any rough edges.

diy custom stall sign step 2

Step 3:

Use your scrapbook paper to emboss the outline of the sign face onto the piece of scrapbook paper you intend to use as your background. Using a lead pencil, lightly rub the paper to define the edge lines where you should make your cuts.

Step 4:

Cut out the background image and apply to stall sign using ModPodge and foam brush. Allow to dry.


Step 5: 

Determine font and style for your horses name for the front of the image. If using a scrapbook paper, trace and then cut out horse’s name. In my example, I used a silhouette cutter to print the horse’s name.

Step 6:

Because my background did not stand out well, I used my silhouette to cut out an additional strip to accent the horses name. 

Step 7: 

Adhere all pieces to the sign blank with Outdoor modpodge.

Step 8:

Apply at least 3 coats of Modpodge before hanging on horses stall!

Enjoy your new customized stall sign!

DIY Customized Horse Stall Signs

DIY Customized Horse Stall Signs


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