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8 Unique Custom Holiday Gift Ideas for the Horse Lover in Your Family

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers Holiday gift ideas FOR THE HORSE LOVER IN YOUR FAMILYHoliday Horse Gift Guide

1. Custom Barn / Stall Sign$ / 2. Horse Necklace$ / 3. Personalized Horse Hooks$$ / 4. Custom Wine Glass – $$ / 5. Personalized Horse Print$ / 6. Horse Stable Sign$$$ / 7. Horse ID Tag$ / 8. Customized Cutting Board$

$ = $1.00 – $20.00 | $$ = $21.00-49.99 | $$$ = $50.00 – $99.00

WOW! I can’t believe how time flies! The holidays are almost here yet again! November is always the time of year I start to think about gifts for friends and family. I think we all really try not to rush and buy things last minute…even though it almost always winds up happening for most of us anyway!

Shopping for your horse loving friends and family isn’t always easy. A new girth is nice but will it be the right size, shape, color etc? Saddles are almost always a loved gift but they can be super spendy. So what is a person to do to make their gift stand out this year?

How about going hand made! You’ll feel good having supported someones hard work and effort instead of buying a mass-produced item. Your gift recipient will be amazed at the extra thought put into their gift. My go-to place for finding items like this is Etsy.

We’re all on a budget, I get it, but I think I’ve assembled a few good options for the horse lover in your family.

1. Custom Barn / Stall Sign

These are super cute and come in a variety of different styles! Buy just one or outfit the whole barn! This Etsy seller: LazerArtUSA has a variety of other equine related products that you might like!

Custom Stall Sign

2. Horse Necklace

Aren’t these gorgeous? You can get other animals / designs too. This is even a great gift for a friend or family member that loves horses but doesn’t have one of their own! The seller, IvyByDesign is even having a sale right now!

Horse Necklace Gift Idea

3. Horse Bridle / Halter Hooks

These are absolutely stunning! I can’t believe the detail seller MichelleRaeCustomArt is able to put into these! They can be used in the barn as a halter / bridle hook or even at home as a coat hook! She has other great personalized gifts in her store for dogs and even chickens so be sure to check that out.

November 15th Deadline for Holiday Season! 

Horse Halter Hooks

4. Custom Wine Glass

Do you know how nice it is to curl up by the fire with a glass of wine after a long day at the barn? This is the perfect gift for the horse lover in your circle that enjoys their after-ride glass of wind to unwind from the day. It can be customized with a photo of their horse. CreateBrightly has some awesome options from head shots to full body images. Definitely check out some of the examples!

This seller also has some great dog and cat gift items in her Etsy shop so be sure to check those out too!Customized Wine Glass

5. Personalized Horse Print

This is really neat. It is a physically shipped product, not a digital download. This seller will customized this digital drawing based on the photo you send her, or you can pick a generic horse image as well! The muted color palate should look awesome in any room! Buy your own frame locally to make this the complete package!

If anybody in your family has young ones you’ll want to check out this artist’s shop, TheWhistlingWren. She has some awesome nursery prints as well!

Personalized Horse Print

6. Horse Stable Sign

Does your horse-lover have their own barn? What about spiffying up the entry way or barn isle with this treasure! It is affordable and looks great! The seller, sealevelsigns, has a variety of different horse related logos available plus you can add your own!

Horse Stable Sign

7. Horse Halter / Bridle Tag

These are great just in case identification! They easily attach to halters, bridles and even saddles. Nobody ever wants to think about a horse getting loose or a disaster in the area. Something like this is a great gift for the equestrian in your life. Check out the Etsy store, StampedWithPassion, for other awesome stamped items!

horse halter tag

8. Customized Horse Cutting Board

These customized horse cutting boards make great gifts if the equestrian in your life also enjoys spending time in the kitchen. There are a variety of different products listed on Etsy but we really liked the selection BlueRidgeBoards has to offer as far as sizes and material choices.

customized horse cutting board

2018 Equine Gift Guide Summary

Customized gifts really do add that special touch! Just remember, for custom gifts, time is of the essence. Many artisans have to create deadlines to ensure that you have your items in time for the holidays. Make sure to take your time to select the right gift but don’t wait too long!