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10 Essential Grooming Supplies for Every Horse Owner

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Whether you are a new horse owner or someone who has had horses all your life, these grooming essentials will help you keep your equines spic and span all year long!

I’ve tried to include only items that are either Amazon Prime eligible OR have free shipping for those that prefer to shop online. Your local feed store should have these items on hand as well! They are listed in no particular order.

Essential Grooming Supplies for Every Horse Owner

  1. Grooming Kit – We like this one by Weaver. It makes a GREAT gift and has all of the basics included. Plus its available in several stylish designs!
  2. Shampoo – There are lots of horse shampoos available on the market but this one by Vetrolin is our favorite! If you have a large stable though, we would recommend Orvus WA Paste. It is super concentrated, well worth the extra price and one tub will last for years. Plus it makes manes and tales super silky.
  3. Laser Sheen or Healthy Hair Care Hair Polish – Both are great products! Laser Sheen is a budget alternative to ShowSheen and the concentrate makes an entire gallon! I routinely stock both products and tend to use Laser Sheen on the body and Healthy Hair Care on the mane and tail but either works for both if you just want to buy one!
  4. Spray Bottle – You can get this from the Dollar Store. Any household spray bottle will do.
  5. Fly Spray – I am listing two options here. My absolute favorite has always been Absorbine Ultra Shield…but it’s PRICEY. For a more economical option, go with a concentrate like Repel-X by Farnam.
  6. Hoof Dressing – There are several available on the market and I’ve heard some say it doesn’t really help and other horse owners swear by it. I like using it before I put my horse away, especially at the coronet band. There are several available and even some DIY recipes out there. I’ve kinda grew up with Rain Maker so that’s the one I’m linking here 😀
  7. Rubber Braid Bands – I like the multi-color but these come in black and clear too. This one has a great little container for them as well! Great for braiding manes, tails and forelocks. I prefer the plastic ones over the rubber because they don’t seem to degrade as much in a tack room. If you have trouble with your braids coming undone, try securing them with electrical tape. It goes on quickly, secures the braids helping them last a lot longer and is easy to slide off when you need to rebraid.
  8. Rubber Curry Mitt – This is my go-to tool for general grooming, shedding, bathing, you name it. If I had to pick just two grooming supplies to tackle a dirty horse it would be this mitt and a body brush.
  9. Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloths – These are GREAT to wipe out nose boogers, wipe down equipment or put a final polish on your horse after a makeover. Really love the Amazon ones. I use them at home and at the barn!!
  10. 8 quart bucket – These can usually be picked up at a local feed store for around $5 bucks but they are great for mixing shampoo in, feeding grain or carrying stuff. They come in a variety of colors!

Are there any grooming supplies that you find absolutely essential to have around the barn? We’d love to hear about them! Feel free to comment below!


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