Friesian Horse Colors – Black, Chestnut and White

The Friesian horse is beautiful and majestic. It seems that while all horses are loved, horses with flowing manes and tails seem to get a lot of attention.

The Friesian horse is big and the breeds extra long hair and beautiful leg feathers combine with their gentle natured disposition to make them very popular.

Lets take a look at Friesian horse colors

Black Friesians

The breed standard for Friesian horses has been established to prefer all black horses with only a very small star permitted. Purebred, registered Frisian horses should not have socks, paint markings or strips of white on their face.

Black is the breed defined color for Friesian horses. In fact, a stallion cannot be approved for breeding unless he is homozygous black but, that wasn’t always the case. Before genetic coat color testing was available for horses, some Friesians were born chestnut. These horses, called “fox” Friesians, were no less purebred.

Chestnut Friesians

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