Mustang Makeover – 10 days

Before & After - BLM Mustang Mare Before & After - BLM Mustang Mare

One thing I love to see is horse makeover posts! There is something about seeing how that diamond in the rough can be transformed into the horse of your dreams! Winter was a gorgeous BLM mustang mare we purchased in 2008. This makeover was the result of a bath and good photos. The “before” picture was what we consider an “intake” picture…a picture of the horse as it arrived to us. The difference in between photos is only 10 days!

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Before Horse Makeover

Horse Makeover – How To

Winter came in with pretty good weight so she just needed a few things:

  1. Bath! – We used a good whitening shampoo on her to get rid of the stains and help with the yellowing. 
  2. Clip – Just a light clip for her. This is most noticeable on her legs where we got rid of the long feathers and booted up the white areas on her lower legs making them pop!
  3. Good Photo Shoot – Pictures, lighting, good tack and a clean horse really do make a difference!

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BLM Mustang Makeover

BLM Mustang Makeover

BLM Mustang Makeover

BLM Mustang Makeover


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  1. Absolutely beautiful you do such wonderful work on those beautiful animals wish I had the right property to buy one or two or three lol
    Keep up the good work!

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